1906 Taylor Bros


1906 Taylor Bros

Serial #22907

Height 56″

Finish: Mahogany


The 1906 Taylor Bros Co. Piano is finished! It’s been such a fun and rewarding process. It sounds incredible and it’s now ready for another 100 years of playing.   Over 120 hours of work went into restoring this piano.

Thanks to Chuck Behm in Boone, Iowa for the class on refinishing. Also, a big thank you to Jose Cabrera for doing such wonderful work on the keys and other things inside! And thanks to Kelsie for your awesome work installing the new bass strings! Now it’s available for another 100 years in someone’s home!


Before and After 1906 Taylor Bros 1 Before and After 1906 Taylor Bros 1


Before and After 1906 Taylor Bros 1

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