SOLD! 2004 Yamaha Upright


2004 Yamaha Upright P660

Serial # YT280260

Height: 45″

Finish: Satin Brown Mahogany


This beautiful 2004 Yamaha Upright Piano P660 is in perfect condition.

Video of our Yamaha Upright

This piano has been tuned, and sounds great!  It has the classic Yamaha bright tone.

This is the furniture-style version Yamaha P660 in Sheraton Satin Brown Mahogany Finish.  The suggested selling price for this piano new would be $9,979.  Yamaha is such a great brand and is always in the top 3 selling pianos in America and it’s recommended more than any other piano brand.

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There is a huge difference between someone who just “tunes” pianos and someone who is a Registered Piano Technician.  The difference is quality. An RPT is the highest standard for piano technicians for the past 60 years.  Because of an RPT’s level of experience, they not only tune your piano, but can address issues such as sticky, keys, squeaky pedals, and other repairs.  They can also adjust the tone and touch of your piano.