Standard Artist Bench by Jansen



Steinway & Sons and the Baldwin Piano Company insist on only using Jansen piano benches to accompany their pianos! If you’ve seen a Steinway piano in a concert hall, the piano bench with it is a Jansen.



Jansen Artist Bench:

Jansen Artist Benches are known throughout the world as the finest piano benches money can buy.

Our Jansen Artist Bench is the highest quality adjustable piano bench manufactured in the United States, and is designed for stage and teaching studio durability. The Jansen artist bench is constructed of American hardwood maple legs and frame, and the upholstered top is diamond tufted (adding extra strength and elegance), with the highest-end furniture grade vinyl or leather.

The padding of the bench is a thick, firm polyester foam which will not break down over time. The thickness and quality of the foam makes this the most comfortable bench on the market. The artist bench measures 16.5″ x 21.5″, and adjusts in height from 18″ to 21″. Without a doubt, in terms of quality of materials, craftsmanship, durability, and attention to detail–this is the nicest piano bench found anywhere in the world (and thus is why you’ll find it in homes and concert halls around the globe). The bench we recommend above all others.

Patented Accordion-Style, Adjustment Mechanism:

Setting the Jansen artist bench apart from all competition with regards to quality and durability, and unique to their line of artist benches, is the accordion style lift mechanism. Refined over the past 60 years, the silent, solid steel “Micro-A-Just” close-tolerance lift mechanism features precision, durability and convenient height adjustment from 18″ to 21″. Made of solid steel, it is the highest quality adjustment mechanism on the market, and is the only recommended adjustment system for situations where the bench will be frequently used and adjusted, such as schools, universities, churches, performance halls, etc. The superior accordion style design is not found in any other benches. Furthermore, replacement parts are available, so if years from now you begin to feel any wobble in the bench, a new set of bushings and shoulder bolts will have your mechanism back to knew.

Click Here to view a video of the Jansen mechanism in action, along with comparisons to the adjustment mechanisms of some of the leading competitors.

Variety of Colors:

~ Colors Available: Black (Ebony) | Walnut | Mahogany | Red Mahogany  | White | Ivory | Unfinished


~ Upholstery Available: Black Vinyl | Brown Vinyl | White Vinyl | Ivory Vinyl | Black Leather | Brown Leather | Burgundy Leather  |White Leather  | Ivory Leather

~ Finishes Available: Satin | High Polish

Nine Leg Styles Available:

~ Leg Styles Available: J1 Round Turned Legs | J2 Brass Ferrule Legs| J3 Spade Legs  | J4 Square Tapered Legs | J5 Queen Anne Legs | J7 Louis XV Legs  | J8 Fluted Legs 7  | J9 Octagonal Legs


Leg Lengths Available:

~ Leg Lengths Available: Standard Leg Size | 1 Inch Shorter Legs (+$50.00) J2, J3, J4 Only | 1 Inch Longer Legs (+$50.00) J2, J3, J4 Only | 2 Inch Shorter Legs (+$50.00) J2, J3, J4 Only | 2 Inch Longer Legs (+$50.00) J2, J3, J4 Only

*If you need a different overall height for the artist bench, we can shorten or lengthen the leg styles by 1 or 2 inches on the J2 (Brass Ferrule), J3 (Spade) and J4 (Square Tapered) piano legs. Contact us at